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#201636 Aus - National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme - NHVRS

Posted by chingasos on 21 May 2021 - 01:59 PM

I have driven past this truck numerous times over the last few months and it finally clicked that something was out of place




Front QX28OI




Rear XQ28OI

#195721 Qld - Highest Issues Spotted

Posted by OPT20 on 05 September 2020 - 09:45 AM

Seen at Zupps Mt Gravatt  03/09/2020





#129667 Plates In Strange Places - Plates Left Behind

Posted by Keats on 31 March 2015 - 12:19 PM

This one dates back a few years...

My car (parked on the street) got hit one night - busted headlight, cracked bumper, $1000 worth of damage. No hint as to the culprit, except for a smudge of yellow paint, same as used on taxis...


A couple of weeks later, I hear an almighty bang out the front. Race out to see a set of taxi tail-lights disappearing around the corner. My neighbour's Camry has been punted up the bot, and pushed several metres by a turd who's then done a runner:


So, I race up to the corner, figuring that the car won't have gone far with that sort of damage. I didn't find the car - but I did find:



Picked it up, took it back to the scene, and lobbed it over the fence into my back-yard. Called the po-lice, got a disinterested constable, who perked up enormously when I mentioned that the taxi in question had left behind the entire front bumper and number plate...

As we're commiserating with the owner of the now ex-Camry (it has ceased to be) and awaiting the arrival of the plods, three young bucks appear from around the corner. They walk down the street, taking a keen interest in proceedings. Each one is talking on a mobile 'phone. They walk past, down about 30 metres, then turn around and walk past again.

Just out for a quick stroll at 10:30 pm, are we, chaps? I walk up to one, and politely say "I've got the bumper". The heads of the other two shoot up, and the talking on the mobiles gets more frantic.

Happily, the cops arrive just at this point - the three guys quickly retire to a safe distance, I get the bumper and hand it over to the rozzers and point the guys out.

All got nicely sorted out - neighbour got paid, taxi driver got done for failing to exchange details, and I got revenge for my damaged car...

#185048 Media "Collectors" Articles - Magazine & TV Programme

Posted by Matty_769 on 12 August 2019 - 11:49 AM

Another night shift google find .... Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts Club NT newsletter article from 2016.

Our friend Bob B #1023 in the NT shows his collection that lines the walls of his workshop. :clap:


#164499 My Collection - Displays

Posted by hoarder1 on 05 December 2017 - 05:33 PM

Added a few more plates on a permanent wall last week.  I've started putting up my truck plates in this section.  I feel that they may be a bit too bunched up, and in the next section of wall I will only put 7 Australian plates instead of 8 per column on these ply sheets.  I'll add a few more plates this week, but need to be patient and wait until I install the stair stringers coming down from the right of the picture so I'm not covering any plates displayed.  There will be another 1500mm height of plates above these ones in the picture, so I'll will be able to fit my Federal Interstate run, some USA truck plates and a bit of other truck paraphernalia - signs, truck door, grille etc.  Still haven't connected power to shed yet, so can't cover all the walls.  Put a couple of internal stud walls up in another corner for a toilet/bathroom last weekend, so am getting there slowly.  It's easy to be impatient, but I am enjoying the process, so no need to rush.  I will put a timber cover strip of some sort along the bottom of the white painted ply sheets to cover where they meet the corrugated iron below.  The 1500mm above (yet to be installed) will go to the roof, and my long term plan would be to install a 'ceiling' (line the roof) of this section and put some plates up there too.  As they will be above our heads, the logical option will be to display my 'Aircraft' theme plates up there. 


first plates in new shed Dec 2017.jpg

#136234 Vic - The Education State Slogan

Posted by Matty_769 on 27 October 2015 - 03:44 PM

Yesterday i walked about every car park on each side of Sydney Road between Moreland and Barkley Square (3kms) and did not find one.


After work today...  I loitered about Coburg and Glenroy and spotted 3 ....all in the 1GA4** series and all with the older Southern Cross image.


Here's the only one of the three suitable for photographing today..... Yes. that is sticky tape :angry:  All 4 of these were re-registered older cars.



#194679 Governor Crown Plates

Posted by ALPCA4266 on 30 July 2020 - 03:32 PM

Acting upon a tip from NPCC #365 (3) I headed to the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre in my old home town of Cooma to check out the historical display and see if I could spot the Vice Regal Crowns on display there. Here's a what I found.


Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre Cooma 1.jpg


Not one but 2 brass Crowns


Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre Cooma 2.jpg


One of the Crowns


Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre Cooma 4.jpg


And a bit more detail


Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre Cooma 3.jpg

#183252 NPCC - 2019 National Convention - Wangaratta - 7 > 9 June

Posted by Matty_769 on 09 June 2019 - 09:12 PM

Best Plate....
The contenders on the table for our voting.
Winner... Don from ACT had this FCT Lorry plate.... 2nd was 539D and 3rd place was 016 Testing Plate.

Awards made with Mulga an Australian hardwood that Paul C saved from an old farm fence near the SA/NT border and Pablo crafted them. Fantastic!
Group photo....

#181353 Aus - Television Network Plates

Posted by CHEV067 on 25 March 2019 - 10:20 PM

Media plates in my collection.



#171530 Plateshed - Farewell from Moz

Posted by moz on 02 June 2018 - 02:14 PM

Howdy shed heads :cowboy:


After 15 years at the helm of this wonderful community, the time has come for me to take a step back as Admin of plateshed.com.


I started this back in September of 2003, not knowing where it would go, or if it would even take off, but it's one of the few original forums that is still active and still survives from the early days of the internet.


My priorities have taken a slight detour over the last 5 years or so, aside from changes in my personal life, some of you are aware of my passion for photography, and I have since started a new photography tour business, which allows me to travel to wonderful destinations around the world, doing something I love.


It makes it very difficult to address admin problems on plateshed, or to participate when I'm in a third world country with no internet for days. I think we encountered a problem earlier this year that I couldn't address until my return. I'm also very time poor when I am at home, with heaps on my plate.


The collective information that has amassed on this website makes it the Wiki of number plates. Seriously. It's too good to let it sit in the depths of the web without promotion, and definitely too important to let fade away without new contributions and contributors. Rather than let this website die a slow death, I've decided it's best to put it in the hands of someone who is active in the plate scene and shows the passion that I once had. Someone that can bring plateshed into 2018 and beyond, and give it the attention that I cannot.


So, please welcome Steven, your new Admin. 


Steven runs the Heritage Number Plate Spotting page on Facebook with over 6,000 members, as well as the numberplates.com.au website.

He also brings years of forum admin experience. He is also active in the number plate scene in NSW.


It took a while, and I had been actively searching and waiting for the right person to come along to hand over the reigns reins to, and I believe I have found this in Steve.


I'll still be here somewhere in the background to help if needed, and as time permits, I hope to join in again on the banter and discussion with the many friends I've made over the years from all over the world.


I'd sincerely like to thank each and everyone of you for allowing me to build and grow this community. I've loved every minute of it and have some absolute wonderful memories.


It's not the end, it's a new beginning. It's what plateshed needs, an injection of new blood, new ideas, and a little TLC...everything that I haven't been able to give it.


Please support Steve in his new role and continue to contribute and help this site get back to it's glory days.


Forever your head shedhead,

Moz xxx

#142905 NT - Bombing of Darwin Commemorative Plates

Posted by Matty_769 on 17 May 2016 - 08:09 PM

Here's a nicely designed plate released at http://www.territory...u/number-plates


75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin Commemorative Number Plates

As part of The Territory Remembers program and in partnership with the Automobile Association of the Northern Territory (AANT), the Northern Territory Government is proud to release 999 sets of specially designed and manufactured commemorative vehicle number plates.

The Territory Remembers program aims to increase awareness of the Northern Territory’s involvement in WWII, and commemorate the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin and the defence of Northern Australia.

The plates are on sale for $150 and available to purchase from 14 May 2016 to 27 February 2017.

All proceeds will be donated to Legacy NT to care for families of incapacitated and deceased veterans in the Northern Territory.

To order, visit or call AANT on 08 8925 5901.

For more information see the Commemorative Number Plate Fact Sheet.









Some photos from the launch at the Freds Pass Rural Show.









Media release on 14/5/16 http://newsroom.nt.g...iaRelease/20736


Gary Higgins
Minister for Arts and Museums

Bombing of Darwin licence plates launched

14 May 2016


From today Territorians can buy specially commissioned and limited edition licence plates to mark 75 years since the Bombing of Darwin, as part of The Territory Remembers (TTR) program.


All proceeds from the sale of the commemorative number plates will be donated to Legacy NT.


If all plates 999 of plates are sold, the project will generate approximately $125,000.


‘It is important to remember what we have been through as Territorians, to know where we are going, and what we are capable of’ said Minister for Arts and Museums Gary Higgins MLA.


‘The same values of determination and courage evident 75 years ago, are alive today in our servicemen and women; we should support this cause, and stand by them’.


Jack Hamilton, President Legacy NT said “Legacy NT greatly appreciates the donation of the proceeds of this venture to go to the provision of support to the families of incapacitated and deceased veterans located in the Territory. We thank the Department of Arts and Museums and the Territory Remembers Steering Committee for nominating Legacy NT as the endorsed




The Northern Territory Government is investing $2.25 million towards The Territory Remembers program. Byron Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of AANT (Automobile Association of Northern Territory Inc.) said of the plates,AANT is proud to be involved with the bombing of Darwin commemoration, it allows us the opportunity to assist with raising money for such a worthwhile cause as Legacy.


Some of our members were in the Northern Territory when the strikes took place and it gives us great pleasure to be able to give back to those men and women who defended or assisted with the protection of the Territory.


We hope Territorians support Legacy and purchase a number plate - we’d love to see them driving on Territory roads.”


To order a set of commemorative vehicle number plates, visit your local AANT office. For more information visit  http://www.territory...bers.nt.gov.au/">www.territoryremembers.nt.gov.au or the TTR Facebook page https://www.facebook...itoryRemembers/


Media Contact


Sean Conway     0400 165 743



#203847 Aus - National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme - NHVRS

Posted by BIG GARY on 03 September 2021 - 10:00 AM

XV88VX    Seen this morning.






240867372_4258343270900958_742998246037427227_n copy.jpg

#195560 New Zealand Plate Collection

Posted by gorsev8 on 29 August 2020 - 07:36 PM

An opportunity arose today to get the 1927/28 Letter plates I have down off the wall and photograph them all together.

Quite possibly this has never been done before.

So here they are to share.

'A' (Truck)? in 3 and 4 digit format (note no star used on numbers 999 and below). 

'B' (Bus) in 3 and 4 digit format.

'C' (Useage not known) these are the only examples known.

'D' (Dealer).

'E' (Exempt)

1927/28 was the only year that all these prefixes were used.



#193407 Qld - General Issue Plates - 123AB4 Format

Posted by HasMan on 10 June 2020 - 11:40 PM

Nine News in Brisbane ran a story on these plates tonight.


Here is the text of their report.


There are millions of possible combinations but after decades on the road, we've almost used them all up.
Now, the next generation of Queensland licence plates are upon us equipped with a brand new, high-tech crime deterrent.
With the naked eye, the difference is barely visible but elements of the new-look plates are hidden in plain sight.
QLD Plates nine news 20200610.jpg
"This is a huge change. Sixteen-million combinations will take us through for another 25 years to 2045," Transport Minister Mark Bailey said.
The current three numbers and three letters combination will change to three numbers, two letters followed by one number.
When those combos are exhausted the number will jump back a spot, then back again creating two decades of options.
Also built in are a new "QLD" security mark, the size of a ten cent piece imprinted multiple times and visible only at a certain angle.
QLD Plate Hologram.jpg
"It's hard to reproduce and it's reflective, so you'll be able to see it at night as well as during the day," Mr Bailey said.
They are already being used on trucks.
"It will help at a roadside, (whether it's an) intercepted vehicle, a random check or something else, cops can quickly look and see the hologram," Andrew Mahon, general manager of Land Transport Safety and Regulation, said.
The current style of plates will run out of possible combinations by September when the new ones are rolled out.
It will be the first change to licence plates in Queensland in two decades.
Queensland's millionth personalised plates will also be sold this month and is being marked with a competition.
"We're asking all of the plate owners out there to get in touch and they'll go into the draw to win a $5000 Queensland holiday," Taylor Clifford, from Personalised Plates Queensland, said.
Personalised plates won't carry the mark.


#183251 NPCC - 2019 National Convention - Wangaratta - 7 > 9 June

Posted by Matty_769 on 09 June 2019 - 09:11 PM

Craig J 4 digit NSW numeric plates and a theme display from Derek W.
npcc-convention-2019-display-craig.jpg npcc-convention-2019-display-derek.jpg
Bob B - NT Club plates.
Pablo - Yellow W shire plates.
Lee R - Army dated run.
John G - Tas Consulars.
Glenn - Vic truck plates.
Bob B - WA Footy Plates
Paul C - The Australian alpha numeric allocation run.


#171922 NPCC - 2018 National Convention - Tumut - 8 > 10 June

Posted by VIC-369 on 16 June 2018 - 09:00 PM

Plateshed is a bit quiet this week.  I will show you a few displays but I won't have time to do all of them and I didn't take pics of them all, sorry.
buf's display on the theme of "318". 
buf display.jpg
RAE84 from NSW did this nice display of Victorian plates for the State section
Ro Egan display.jpg
Cherryl #1087 from QLD won the Ladies Display trophy with this neat cut out lady and Hawaii themed plates.  Some character stood next to it.  :laughter:
Cherryl Display.jpg
Sam K #1057 from NSW won the Best North American trophy with this innovative work.  Well done.
North American display.jpg
Here's my humble Display of the evolution of Victorian Government Plates.  :plates:
Tumut David W Display.jpg

#161455 Joke Of The Day

Posted by Leigh90 on 15 September 2017 - 10:33 PM



#158296 My Collection - What Plates Does Your Car Carry ?

Posted by jemelby on 28 June 2017 - 11:05 AM

My new plate number:

N-13 resized.jpg


In place on the car:

N-13 in place.jpg

#151966 Qld - Highest Issues Spotted

Posted by 944 on 08 January 2017 - 08:15 AM





#148009 ACT - News Snippets

Posted by Matty_769 on 26 September 2016 - 04:19 PM


Why do most Canberra number plates start with Y?
By Sonya Gee | 26 September 2016

Photo: It's estimated that 35,000 new Y number plates are issued each year. (ABC News: Sonya Gee)

Here at Curious Canberra, we get asked about the city's number plates all the time.

For business owner Erin Swinsberg, the question dates back to 2009.

"We moved to Canberra almost seven years ago and one of the first things I noticed was the majority of the ACT number plates start with Y. So I've wondered for quite a long time," she said.

SoundCloud: Listen to the Curious Canberra podcast HERE
The same question has puzzled Jin-Wei Liu. He moved to Canberra in 1993 to join the CSIRO.

"Trying to associate (the letter Y) with Canberra or the ACT or its surroundings - it just doesn't make sense," he said. "Maybe there's a story behind it?"

To tell that story, we meet the man in charge of number plates in the ACT and a collector with thousands of number plates that track the territory's history with the letter Y.

Why the Y?


Photo: Questioner Erin Swinsberg checks new Y number plates at the Dickson Motor Vehicle Registry. (ABC News: Sonya Gee)

To start our search, Erin and I visited the Motor Vehicle Registry in Dickson, where new Y number plates are issued every day. There we met Brett Swale, the manager of Road User Services for Access Canberra.

The reason we have Y number plates dates back to a decision made by the now defunct Australian Transport Advisory Council. Back in its day, it was made up of Commonwealth and State Ministers.

"The Australian Transport Council… met in 1948 to allocate alpha-numeric number plates to all states and territories," Brett explained.

Larger states were given a range of letters. New South Wales was allocated AAA-000 to FZZ-999.

The ACT was given a single letter, which explains why number plates starting with the letter Y are so easy to spot.

For Erin, this answer wasn't completely satisfying.

"It still leaves the question of why they decided to start with the letter Y, not a different letter?"

She'd heard that it might have something to do with the shape of the Parliamentary Triangle.

Brett said many people believe it's linked to the Y-plan of Canberra that emerged in the '50s and '60s, as the city grew. The real reason is far simpler.

"I wasn't there in 1948," Brett said, laughing, "(The) ACT being a smaller jurisdiction I believe was allocated simply with a Y."

Missing YAA plates


Photo: The recipient of the ACT's first Y number plate poses with his car in 1968. (Supplied: National Archives of Australia)

The city's first Y number plates were made available in 1968. At the same time the ACT became the first jurisdiction to trial reflective number plates.

Before 1968 the ACT had been issuing numeric number plates and combinations were running out. The last plate to be issued was 99-935.

Curiously, the first Y number plate to be issued was YAB-000.

Wanting to find out more, I contacted the Number Plate Collectors Club and found Pablo Serazio, who collects ACT plates. I visited him in Oakes Estate, where he has a shed dedicated to his ever expanding collection.


Photo: Pablo Serazio has thousands of ACT number plates in his collection. (ABC News: Sonya Gee)

The YAA plates, I discovered, were kept aside for Canberrans who owned an original numeric plate.

"They were going to get rid of those and everybody was going to wear a Y plate," Pablo explained.

"And YAA plates were held back for people who would like to swap their numeric (number plate) for the YAA… Number two did that, so he was given YAA-002."

I'm told that many in the community resisted, which is why you'll still see numeric ACT number plates every now and then. Numbers 1-999 were allowed to remain in circulation.

Of all the Y number plates Pablo's seen, and he has thousands in his collection, one stands out as a crowd favourite.

"A few years ago YOB-0 was quite popular because that was YOBO," he said.

Did other states stick to the plan?

Photo: Access Canberra is currently issuing a second series of Y number plates. (ABC News: Sonya Gee)

Back at the Motor Registry in Dickson, Erin wanted to know whether the ACT was the only place in Australia where Y number plates are issued. Turns out the allocations made in 1948 had their limits.

"The convention's changed over the years and jurisdictions now are issuing number plates that have Y," Brett said.

"And certainly we've seen New South Wales and Victoria now have Y series number plates as well."

According to South Australia's Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, the state began using its allocated letters in 1967 but abandoned the series in 1981. Y number plates were issued between 2000-2008 but to motorcycles and trailers only, before the series ran out.

A statement from VicRoads revealed that Y number plates have been issued several times, first in 1939 before the state based allocations were made. They became available again in 1977 after number plates within the allocated GAA-000 to MZZ-000 range were exhausted.

The ACT had the chance to move beyond its original allocation too, in 1998, when the first series of Y number plates in the style YAA-000 ran out.

"Y plates have been synonymous with Canberra since 1968 and I think the decision was simply made to retain the number plates because it's fairly well associated with the ACT," Brett said.

Photo: Before 1968 the ACT had numeric plates. (ABC News: Sonya Gee)

Access Canberra is currently issuing a second series of Y number plates, in the format YAA-00A.With around 35,000 new plates issued each year, this series is not expected to run out for another decade.

The only change we're likely to see in the coming years is a new number plate slogan.

Earlier this month the ACT Government launched an online campaign, asking Canberrans to suggest and later vote for a new slogan. But if the past is anything to go by, any change to the territory's number plates might take a little while to get used to.

"Every time a new slogan comes out, there's always people who want to stay with the old one, they don't want to move on," Pablo said.

Glancing over his personal collection that spans all the states and territories, he has a personal preference.

"I think the plates from all the states that have their full state name across the bottom look the best. It's a clean line, you know where they're from.

"There's no funny slogans, which can often be politically motivated."

And while there's an increasing variety of personalised plates available in the ACT, many of the Canberrans who asked us to look into this question said they'll be sticking with Y number plates.

Do you have a question for Curious Canberra? You can also listen to the stories, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Who asked the question?


Photo: Curious Canberran Erin Swinsberg (ABC News: Sonya Gee)

Erin Swinsberg moved to Canberra with her husband after a stint in the UK.

Her days are busy, she's studying a Masters of Biological Sciences, runs a catering company and has two young kids.

Up until now, thinking about the city's Y number plates has been inescapable.

"Every time I see them I think about it and it bugs me!"

Katrina Shaw, Kym Nixon, Jian-Wei Liu and Peter Baker also posed this question.